This lamp installation in Manchester brings out the history of the city in limelight

The historic city of Manchester now features one of the most interesting public art installations that art lovers have ever witnessed. Design studio, Acrylicize installed five giant lamps in Piccadilly Place that represent the many historic periods that the city has gone through, including; Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Victorian, mid-century, and contemporary.

lamp 5

lamp 14

lamp 2

lamp 9

The installation is without any doubt, a great piece of art but unlike other artworks, these are absolutely functional as well. Each lamp provides the many visitors with seating, shelter, light and even heat in the winters. The admirers can also witness the historic stories of Manchester via graphic illustrations on the lamps.

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lamp 11

lamp 10

lamp 8

lamp 13

lamp 1

lamp 12

lamp 3

James Burk, the founder of Acrylicize says, “We hope that the lamps will bring people together and provide a lasting legacy to the city…Manchester has such an amazing heritage in innovation, it’s been a real honor to tell the story of both the city and its people. Our hope is that locals and visitors alike connect with the work with a sense of belonging and pride.”

lamp 7

lamp 15

lamp 16

lamp 17

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Images: © Acrylicize

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