Cheap Places to Travel Around The World for people on a budget

Most of us love to travel. We love to discover new places, experience new cultures, meet new people and enjoy new food. But not all of us have the budget to experience all that. For instance, as much as places like London and Zurich are beautiful beyond measure, they are also super expensive. If you are tight on budget, but aspire to visit beautiful yet affordable places in the world, we have made a list for you of some of the most beautiful yet cheap places to travel. Let’s go!

1. Vietnam

Vietnam is what we might call, the most underrated tourist spot. People have concerns about over-tourism at places like Sapa and Ha Long Bay. After all, Vietnam is not a small country. The northern province of Ha Giang is less known place and has lots of beauty to offer, and Tam Coc is a good alternative to Ha long bay. The town of Phong Nha is also a beautiful tourist spot which holds some of the largest caves in the world.

Vietnam remains amazingly cheap, despite the US-China economic and trade feud. You still only need a couple of dollars for a good meal. As for the places to stay, you can get a nice, clean and comfortable hotel room for no more than 10$. If all this has persuaded you to pay Vietnam a visit, now might be the right time. Being one of the most cheap places to travel in, it must be on top of the list.


2. The Baltic States

Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia; the three Baltic states tucked between Russia and the Nordic states, have a lot to offer to the tourists on budget. One of the Cheap places to travel and visit. You are most likely to spend as much as the third of what you usually spend on the mainstream European States. The Baltic aesthetics would remind you of Finland with the pretty lakes, woodlands, peat bogs and red coloured log cabins. The Baltic people love cross country skiing, saunas and, especially, vodka.

Lithuania is a post-soviet-almost-successful story. Most of the country is relatively cheaper and you can enjoy a good meal in less than 7 Euros, and a reasonable lodging for under 30 to 40 Euros. It is not as cheap as one might have thought but comparatively cheaper when you look at the lavish and expensive Scandinavia.

Blue hour :: Business District Vilnius - Cheap Places to Travel

3. Georgia

Georgia is another one of the little known yet beautiful and affordable places to visit. It is a small country in the Caucasus and it is yet to be discovered by many.

The Georgian Capital features a beautiful combination of traditional wooden Georgian houses and soviet architecture with beautiful modern designs. One of the best cheap places to travel. Tbilisi might have a confusing architectural scheme but its energy is vibrant and urges you to stay longer. It has a variety of interesting things for you to engage in and keep you entertained.

You can also explore the amazing Caucasian Mountain Range from the capital and hike up to the acmes. Georgia also lets you enjoy the beautiful Black Sea. You can also go to the ancient top-of-the-hill monasteries.

Besides all this, Georgia is super cheap. You can dwell in a backpacker dorm for less than 5$ or a budget room for almost about 15$ a night. Georgia offers easy visa-on-arrival for a year, so if you are planning a budget trip, Georgia should be on your list.


4. Laos

It is a beautiful place with a big mountain range and very little population. Almost 70% of the country is covered with forest, which makes it the perfect destination for people who love outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, zip-lining and even hot air ballooning. Cheap places to travel; As mentioned earlier, Laos being very cheap, offers all those activities at reasonable rates.

Laos has improved its infrastructure over the years and has become more accessible than before. It still has its original rural side that you can enjoy if you are too tired of the crowd and cities. So, if you admire the rural vibe and appreciate simplicity, Laos is a must visit place.

Laos - Cheap Places to Travel

5. Mexico

Mexico should be next on your ‘cheap places to travel’ list. You should not lend an ear to the understatements about Mexico. It is highly misunderstood and underrated, and is much more than just Tulum. For starters, it is a beautiful place full of nice and hospitable people. It is perfectly safe to visit and offers loads of culture, adventure and aesthetics to tourists.

Mexico is cheaper than most tourist states and is different in its own way. Its most famous tourist route starts from a well-recognised Mexico City, takes you through Oaxaca and The Chiapas States, and ends at the Yucaton Peninsula. You can easily get a good day meal in less than 10 dollars and a respectable room to spend the night in for 20-30$.

Chichén Itza, Yucatàn (Mexico)

6. Argentina

Oh, Argentina is so much more than Lionel Messi. You can pay it a visit and see for yourself. The flights to Argentina might cost you a little, and might be a little too far but the time you spend there will be spent in joy.

Overall, it is ridiculously cheap and you can get a backpacker condo in just about 7$. Although, if you want to raise the standards a bit and book a private room, that too will not be more than 25$. It is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. The capital, Buenos Aires, offers lots of interesting and entertaining activities. The epic waterfalls of Iguaco is a must visit. On the far southern side of Argentina are featured High rise peaks and glaciers and if you are all for that, visit the mighty Patagonia mountain region.

Cheap Places to Travel

7. Nepal

From The Greatest Mount Everest to the bustling Kathmandu, Nepal has just so much beauty and love to offer. Nepalis are extremely kind-hearted and welcoming people. If you are a meditator and always dreamt of sitting with monks in their old monasteries and have a cup of their original tea, you have got to go to Nepal. And yes, it is the cheapest of the destinations you can visit.

So much for so little money. Its beautiful mountains of epic Himalayas are a must visit. You can trek all the way to Annapurna base camp, enjoying the delicious local food, staying in clean lodgings while spending only as little as 20$ a day. Given Nepal’s incredibly cheap prices and lots of tourism to offer, it is a must go.


8. Romania

It is located between Russia and Europe and has that mixed architectural vibe. For those of you who don’t yet know what Romania is really famous for, it’s Transylvania. Yes, the land of the blood thirsty Vlad Dracula. It is a perfectly safe country with a deep history and contemporary present. Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is a hub of modern Romanian designs and market.

Romanian people are nice and peaceful and they welcome you warmly. Romania is also home for Gypsies. Prices in Romania are also very low if you compare it with rest of the European Union states. You can easily spend a full backpacker’s day in Romania for under 40$.

#romania - Cheap Places to Travel

9. Turkey

Turkey is another one of those rich in culture, diverse in colours and cheap in prices countries which you should really put on your to-visit list. It offers a delicious tapestry of Turkish delights, famous all around the world. Turkish architecture and culture takes you back to the mighty Byzantine and Ottoman empires and tell the story in a much better way than the books.

Turkish people are joyous and of course, the fun they have when they are making you the all-time famous, Turkish cone ice cream, will just cheer you all up. Its Blue Mosque at sunset is a sensational spectacle. People from all over the world visit Turkey and they all want a ride in the hot air balloon festival that Cappadocia hosts. Above all, Turkey has managed to keep its prices really low and so, it is a potential candidate to be on your visiting list. The backpacker’s day budget in Turkey should not exceed 30$.


10. Indonesia

We know what comes to mind when we talk of tourism in Indonesia; Bali. Most of the people out there only know Bali as the hub of Indonesian tourism but there is a lot more. This Bali limited misconception of Indonesian tourism hasn’t always been good for it as over-tourism in Bali has caused pollution at beaches and street crimes have also elevated. There are better and much more authentic tourism spots yet to be praised in Indonesia. For instance, the islands of Lombok and Java are eye catchers. The beautiful Komodo Islands and rural Flores further add beauty to the place’s aesthetics.

While in Indonesia, you can visit white sand beaches one day and the very next day you can feel peaceful in the jungles and savannahs. You can meet orangutans in rain forests one day and can catch the spectacular view of the blue flame volcanos the other. Budget, being the reason of placing Indonesia on the list, is not a problem there. A day full of enjoyment and Indonesian nourishment can be spent under 25$.

Indonesia - Cheap Places to Travel

11. Armenia

Armenia, after being unclamped from its dictatorship, has really grown when it comes to hosting tourists. Armenia is not an obvious tourist destination but it still is a great choice if you are travelling on budget. It is a poor country and has had its share of detrimental crisis and hence, gives a good value for Dollars or Euros.

The Armenian landscape has hints of Soviet-era artefacts. Ladas can still be found ruling Armenian roads. The prices in Armenia are really low and you can spend a full backpacker’s day there in less than 25$. The beautiful lake Sevan is a must visit in Armenia. It is a large, high altitude lake and the largest body of water in Armenia. Armenia is a landlocked country. The beach lovers might get disappointed but Armenians get their share of beach time from the shores of Lake Sevan. Another interesting fact to put on Armenia’s pros’ list is that it is home to the world’s oldest winery. It’s surely one of the most cheap places to travel.


12. Bolivia

Bolivia is a landlocked country in South America and shares borders with Brazil on its northern and eastern side, Chile and Peru on the western, and Argentina on its southern side. It can be a slow and uncomfortable country to travel in but it offers some great and scenic views, including the continent’s largest and world’s highest lake, Lake Titicaca. Bolivia is somewhat a safe country to visit.

You should plan to spend around 30$ a day in Bolivia. That is when you are spending good. It is relatively cheaper than other South American countries and has more scenic beauty to offer. Bolivia has become hard to travel to due to the limited number of flights that go in but it can be reached from its neighbour, Peru, which is well off in that context.

Bolivia - Cheap Places to Travel

13. Colombia

It has the perfect blend of South American flavours. It is at the perfect location, hosting The Caribbean on one side and The Amazon rainforest on the other. It is a country full of colours and the culture is just beautiful. The Colombian people are heart-warmingly hospitable and make you feel safe and welcomed. The Andean peaks of Colombia are a scenic sight to catch and admire.

Colombia is also cheaper than many and doesn’t stress you when it’s about budget. You can comfortably spend a good day in Colombia and rid your wallet of no more than 40$. That being stated, you should not hesitate before putting Colombia on your list of cheap places to visit.


14. Cambodia

Cambodia is an Asian country filled with rich history, classic culture and scenic nature. It is the heart of old Temples, which once used to be relics of vast Khmer Empire. Angkor Vat is a wide temple complex and a very interesting place to visit. It takes you right back in history and tells you great tales of Cambodian epitome.

Cambodian tourism is not just bound to the temples. The Cambodian islands and towns, like Kratie, will exhibit the perfect Asian culture in front of you. Peace and quiet lover? The island of Koh Rong Sanloem is the suitable fit for you as it offers you a quiet swing on the hammocks. Cambodia is also one of the very cheap places to travel. Prices are extremely low and 25$ are enough for a backpacker to spend a day in Cambodia.

Cambodia - Cheap Places to Travel

15. Philippines

You can now enjoy numerous beautiful beaches, thousands of lush green islands, and incredibly low rates, with Philippines on your cheap places to travel list. Philippines is home to 7000 islands. That being said, it makes it a newer choice for tourists. The unspoiled nature of Philippines attracts many tourists there and gives them a good chance to enjoy its rich culture and simple life.

The incredible rice terraces in the north of the Philippines will surely catch your attention. Philippines is also known for its tasty fruits, including Mangoes, Bananas, watermelons, coconuts and papayas. The local food in Philippines is also a delight to experience. Philippines is extremely affordable to travel in and being a backpacker, you will not be needing any more than 35$ a day.


16. Ukraine

Ukraine is a European country and shares its southern borders with Romania. One of the cheap places to travel. It is most commonly remembered for the massive nuclear disaster i-e. Chernobyl. However, it is perfectly safe to travel in and thousands of tourists visit Ukraine. Ukraine is the largest country in eastern Europe and inherits its ambiance from its parent Soviet Union.

The coastal city of Odessa is abundantly known for its beaches, the famous Odessa Opera, and the Ballet Theatre. Lviv is another of the many beautiful Ukrainian cities and is incredibly cheap. The value for money there is pretty nice as you can rent a full apartment there for as little as 200 Euros a month. Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital is a beautiful hub and home to magnificent Soviet Memorials which make it a must visit. In under 30$ a day, you can comfortably travel across Ukraine and cherish its beauty.

ukraine - Cheap Places to Travel

17. Cuba

With over 3500 miles of coastline having Atlantic on one side and Caribbean on the other, Cuba is an absolute maritime beauty. The legendary Cuban beaches attract tourists from all over the world. Despite its financial situation in the past, Cuba is not expensive these days. Clean and comfortable accommodation can be found in Cuba at very good rates. Havana, Cuba’s capital, is filled with vintage cars and classic architecture and is a great hub to enjoy a good weekend. With its prices being very low, a day in Cuba will not cost you more than 40$, which makes it one of the cheap places to travel around the world.


18. Guatemala

Guatemala is a less known central American country but possesses just as much potential for tourism as the better known, Costa Rica. It may be a better choice for many with the deciding factor being its incredibly cheap rates.

Its northern jungles at the Mayan Temples of Tikal are a major tourist attraction. The simple life in Guatemala might be a persuasion for peace lovers. Its quiet ambiance and serene natural beauty when put together make a perfect blend and tempts thousands of tourists. The marvellous highland lake of Atitlan in the south is a breath-taking spectacle, surrounded by volcano sites.

While you are there, do not miss the Semuc Champey as it is a great place to visit river caves. Guatemala is a cheap travel destination and only rids most travellers of under 25$ a day. So, it is definitely one of the most cheap places to travel around the world.

Antigua, Guatemala - Cheap Places to Travel

19. Thailand

Thailand is a popular tourist destination. Thousands of tourists visit there every year and enjoy every bit of their time. There’s no doubt that Thailand is one of the most cheap places to travel in. Thailand is way more than its popular side. It has so much to offer to the explorers if they step out of the more widely visited spots. While you are there, skip the crowd and tread to its northern side. You will find yourself in a heaven. A heaven of both, budget and serenity. The rice fields and Buddhist temples of Thailand are amazingly quiet and you can easily find zen there, if you are looking for it.

As mentioned before, Thailand is a cheap place and it is quite easy for you to find yourself a backpacker travel dorm in just 5$ a night. Or, if you are desiring a more luxurious experience, you can book a room in a comfortable hotel in just 30$.


20. Morocco – Cheap Places to Travel

Morocco is a north African country and shares its major culture with Arabian history. It can be referred as the most stable country in North Africa. One of the cheap places to travel. It is filled with rich culture and hospitable people. Don’t get too scared of the snakes you might find on the streets. It is one of the major Moroccan tourist attractions, so just take on and put it around your neck like a scarf, it won’t bite. From traditional rugs and carpets to Arabian attires, Morocco happens to be a distinguishably fascinating experience for many.

It hosts a good network of backpacker hotels which can easily be availed for a little amount of money. If, however, you are willing to pay a little extra and get yourself a traditional hotel with a beautiful garden, you can easily find that too. While you’re there, do not forget to step in the mighty Sahara and enjoy the starry night. All Morocco needs from you is a mere 40$ a day and it will take you to a nice adventure.

Morocco - Cheap Places to Travel

So these were some of the most cheap places to travel around the world if you’re on a budget. Unlike the more obvious and mainstream travel destinations, these countries will not rip too much money off you.

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