Synchronized Swimming ethereally captured by Brad Walls in his new series

Brad Walls Presents ‘Water Geomaids’: Aerial Artistry of Synchronized Swimming

Award-winning Fine Art Aerial Photographer Brad Walls, also known as Bradscanvas, released a new body of work titled “Water Geomaids”, in which he invites audiences to experience yet another intimate and unique perspective of Synchronized swimming (alternatively named Artistic Swimming) just in time for the 2021 Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Following soon after capturing sportspeople and swimming pools, Walls next set his sights on creating a hybrid photography series that utilized his expertise in both subject matters.

Synchronized Swimming - Brad Walls
Title: Binder / Image Credits: Brad Walls
Synchronized Swimming - Brad Walls
Title: Division / Image Credits: Brad Walls

The lack of existing Synchronized Swimming photography served as an additional impetus to Walls, who states that “I was surprised at the lack of imagery capturing the shapes and patterns that Synchronized Swimmers create.” This realization sparked a newfound passion within him to fill this visual void and showcase the grace and artistry of this captivating sport. Determined to capture the mesmerizing beauty of synchronized swimming, Walls embarked on a mission to immortalize the intricate movements and breathtaking formations performed by these athletes.

Through his lens, Walls captures the perfect harmony between the synchronized swimmers and the water, freezing moments of elegance and precision that seem almost otherworldly. With an artist’s eye and a deep appreciation for the sport, Walls not only documents the physical prowess of the athletes but also conveys the emotional expression and sheer dedication that drives them to perfection. His photography goes beyond a mere record of events, evoking a sense of wonder and admiration for the art form that is synchronized swimming. By capturing the poetry in motion, Walls not only honors the sport but also bestows it with the recognition it truly deserves, elevating synchronized swimming to a new level of appreciation and allure.

As he already had previous experience in keenly capturing the arts of diving, gymnastics, tennis and ballet, Walls knew that synchronized swimming aligned perfectly with his aesthetic, leveraging synchronicity and symmetry which can be found abundantly in Walls’ work, irrespective of subject matter.

Synchronized Swimming - Brad Walls
Title: Water Ballet / Image Credits: Brad Walls
Synchronized Swimming - Brad Walls
Title: Form / Image Credits: Brad Walls

Walls teamed up with a Sydney-based Synchronized Swimming team choreographed by Katrina Ann, a former competitor who has competed at the Commonwealth Games and in multiple World Championships.

Ann took no convincing to work with Walls, saying “Artistic swimmers spend hours every day working to achieve perfection. With Brad’s eye for detail, perspective and creativity, we were able to showcase our hard work that is often lost to the naked eye.”

Synchronized Swimming - Brad Walls
Title: Emerge / Image Credits: Brad Walls
Synchronized Swimming - Brad Walls
Title: Circle of Synchro / Image Credits: Brad Walls

Walls began pinning ideas that were composed of many artistic sports – not just synchronized swimming – and inspired him to draw out the geometric shapes he wanted to form on paper and create in the pool.

Utilizing these drawings, Walls and Ann collaborated closely together in order to bring the drawings to life, with Walls saying that “When working Katrina, our aim was to cherry-pick static positions from routines that build repetition of form and geometric sequences.”

Walls meticulously plans out all of his shots beforehand with a similar method, but regarding the majority of the shoot, he states that “80% is planned, 20% is impromptu”, additionally commenting that “No matter the amount of planning that goes into it, there will always be an unplanned frame that looks awesome and couldn’t possibly have been planned. That is the embodiment of art.“

Synchronized Swimming - Brad Walls
Title: Pearls / Image Credits: Brad Walls
Synchronized Swimming - Brad Walls
Title: Octopetala / Image Credits: Brad Walls

Walls was a finalist in the 2021 Sony World Photography Awards in two categories, placed second in the 2021 Fine Art Photography Awards ‘Conceptual’ category, and won the 2021 Prestigious Commarts Photography Competition in the ‘For Sale’ category.

Walls plans to release a picture book to showcase all the sports he has captured from above over the past three years. The book will be the first of its kind.

Synchronized Swimming - Brad Walls
Title: Parasol Peek / Image Credits: Brad Walls
Synchronized Swimming - Brad Walls
Title: Waterlily / Image Credits: Brad Walls
All Images: © Brad Walls
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