Cool Gadgets on Amazon You Didn’t Know You Needed

These brilliant gadgets on Amazon will make your life way easier. To give you a head start, we have made a list of some of the cool gadgets on Amazon that are pocket-friendly and practical.

Vacuum Pump That Preserves Wine Bottles

When finishing the bottle isn’t the wisest decision, you can always preserve it. Made possible by this easy-to-use pump that removes the air from an open bottle of wine and re-seals it with a universal stopper. This creates an air-tight seal that keeps it fresh for weeks, or until someone comes along who can help you finish the bottle.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

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Palm-Sized Battery-Operated Vacuum That Tackles Small Messes

This mini vacuum runs on batteries but effectively cleans up crumbs, lint, hair, eraser shavings, and dust. It also works on appliances, laptops, computer keyboards, furniture, and car seats. Don’t underestimate its suction power judging from its size, which, by the way, is perfect for keeping in bags and purses or even in the car.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

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Outlet Covers With Built-In Automatic Night Lights

This night light outlet covers screw-in similar to any other switch plate without even requiring batteries or extra wiring. Thanks to the sensors, they can sense that the lights have been turned off and on. The safe, non-bulky design of this nightlight makes it perfect for any room; be it for children’s rooms or nurseries.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

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 Cute Clip-Ties To Seal Opened Bags Of Food

These adorable clip-ties make sure that opened bags of chips, cereal, veggies, and grains remain fresher for longer. How do they work? Their tongues go through their mouths to create a tight seal for just about any sized bag. You can also organize wires or headphone cables easily with these. Their stretchy silicon material makes them durable and gives them a tight grip.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

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Credit Card sized 11-in-1 Multi-Survival Tool

Don’t mistake this survival tool for your credit card. Not only is it the same size and shape but it also has 11 built-in tools for all sorts of jobs. From opening beer bottles to tightening screws, cutting strings and even helping you find your way with its water compass – it can do it all. cool gadgets on amazon

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Clip-On Strainer To Turn Any Pot Into A Colander

This multi-use strap on strainer makes draining liquid from any type of dish, pot or bowl super easy. With its BPA-free silicon material with two clips, it fits smoothly onto most sizes of pots and bowls. Sizing up to just a quarter of the size of traditional colanders, it’s portable, compact, and easy to store in tight spaces. Why should anyone go back to traditional colanders?

cool gadgets on Amazon

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Phone Protective Case With A Built-In Wallet And Kickstand

Ditch your current single-job phone cover for this iPhone Wallet case that not only also keeps your cards and cash close by, but also doubles as a kickstand that keeps your phone upright. It’s made up of durable leather and has a sleek design that still fits in your pocket. It has perfectly cut out holes for iPhone’s speakers, buttons and camera, plus the raised-lip edge protects your screen from cracks and nicks.

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Facial Hair Trimmer With A Smooth Pivoting Head For Sensitive Areas

The Panasonic trimmer helps you remove all the tiny unwanted hairs with its smooth, special pivoting head that gently follows the contours of your face. Remove tiny facial hair without any hassle, mess, or irritation. The best part is, it runs on a single battery, so you can forget about tangled cords or lost chargers. It also comes with an eyebrow comb attachment which makes shaping brows even easier.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

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Heated Vibrating Eye Tool That Takes Care Of Puffiness And Dark Circles

The Pretty See sonic massager is designed to increase elasticity and decrease inflammation under the eyes. With its high-frequency vibrations and its heated head, it is effective for quickly remedying dark circles and puffiness. Powered by a single battery, this tiny thing is suitable for carrying around in a purse and use it throughout the day for a fresh face.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

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Echo Flex

With the Echo Flex, it is pretty much the same as putting an Alexa in every room of your house. The Echo Flex is a tiny speaker and microphone that can be plugged right into any wall outlet. It also features a USB port at its bottom, which can be used for accessories such as a night light or motion sensor.Cool gadgets on Amazon

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Amazon Fire TV Cube

With a Fire TV Cube in your house, you can pretty much ditch your remote controllers altogether. This smart streaming device is equipped with several built-in microphones and a speaker that can pick up audio commands from another room. The Fire TV Cube allows Alexa to pause, increase volume, or turn off the TV, and even order pizza, change channels and switch inputs.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

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All-New Ring Video Doorbell

The Ring Video Doorbell 3 is one of the most feature-filled smart doorbells available in the market. It wires to any existing doorbell line and provides a sharp 1080p picture with a wide-angle lens, showing everything at your doorstep. The Ring Video Doorbell 3 can also be powered by batteries. It lets you receive instant alerts to your smartphone when visitors press the doorbell or trigger a motion sensor. You can also watch a live feed anytime on your smartphone, tablet, or computer if you are anxiously waiting for someone or something.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

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Tiny Magnetic Hook To Make Carrying Glasses Hassle-Free

Put lanyards, glasses falling off your head, and losing your glasses entirely in the past, for there exists the ReadeREST. It attaches to your shirt using a strong magnet. There is no fear of damaging your clothes as it works on all types of fabrics, and can also handle sunglasses, ID badges, earbuds, pens, and name tags.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

Three-In-One Window Cleaner That Makes The Chore Much Simpler

This window cleaner is a bottle, cloth, and wiper in one, making it a very clutter-free and quick way to clean your windows, mirrors, glass fixtures, and windshield. Just pour in your cleaning liquid of choice and squeeze the trigger to spray it directly onto the surface. Remove any dirt or grime with the microfiber pad. Then use the squeegee blade to wipe it all way, preventing any streaks.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

Skin-Care Tool With Micro-Needles

Make your skin firmer and plumper by adding this derma roller to your shower routine. Thanks to its tiny little spikes that improve circulation and help speed up the production of collagen and elastin. It can also help with under-eye circles.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

Smart Light Bulb That Can Be Controlled With Your Phone Or Voice

Ever wanted to turn your room’s brightness lower like your phone’s screen? This TP-Link smart LED light bulb can make that possible for you. It screws into your existing lamps or overheads so you can set schedules, timers, and brightness levels from your phone. It’s also compatible with Alexa for convenient voice control.

bulb e1606050997638

A Burger Patty Press To Make The Perfect Burger

This burger press is a must-have if you wish to make thick, uniform patties every time. It creates a ribbed texture on both sides of the burger so it sears well on the grill. The perfect patty is easy to achieve with this as it provides enough pressure to stop the meat from falling apart while cooking. Plus the non-stick surface makes cleaning up very easy. It’s useful for making cheese-stuffed patties as well. It comes with 20 delicious easy-to-follow burger recipes, including classic stuffed burgers, healthy vege-burgers, and party-friendly sliders.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

Smart Power Strip

Control all the plugs in your home, even when you’re not there, thanks to the Smart Power Strip, Wifi Surge Protector. It is one of the most cool gadgets on Amazon you’d find. It allows you to sync lights, devices, and manually turn them on or off with your smartphone. Such a simple device to make your entire home a Smart Home.

cable e1606064258734

Satisfying And Gooey Cleaning Gel

If getting rid of crumbs, dust, or grime on your electronics gets on your nerves, you can make it fun with this deeply satisfying gooey gel. It gets deep into cracks and crevices on your keyboard, mouse, or camera parts, all without damaging your gadgets. This set comes with four different packets, and they can all be used over and over again until they turn transparent.

gooe e1606064731720

Flexible Open That Can Open Jars and Bottles of Almost All Sizes

This GARASANI 3-in-1 kitchen tool can be used to open several sizes of jars and bottles. It grips onto tops of jars, bottles, and even wine bottles so you can twist without hurting your hand. It is ideally made for seniors and people with limited hand mobility, or arthritis. It is made with durable rubber material that’s built to last. It can be washed and hung on kitchen hooks as well.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

Tile Mate With Replaceable Battery

Tile Mate makes it to the list of cool gadgets on Amazon. All you have to do is attach the tile onto your keyring and download the tile app on your phone to activate it. When your item is lost, for example, your car keys, you can use the app on your phone to make it ring. This works on the other way around if you lose your phone. Press the button on the tile to make your phone ring. It works even if your phone is on silent mode. This is an all-purpose finder for a wide variety of items. It is an easy-to-use finder and has a free app that works with iOS and Android.

Cool gadgets on Amazon

Extendable Magnetic Flashlight That Grabs Onto Small Metal Objects

This VIBELITE magnetic flashlight is actually a pick-up tool with 3 super bright LED bulbs with 360-degree illumination to provide light where most flashlights can not go. It has an extendable stem, flexible neck and a built-in magnet on its tip that easily grabs screws, keys, and other small metal objects. It is built with military-grade aluminium alloy, making it weatherproof and shockproof. This versatile tool is perfect for camping, boating, fishing, and roadside emergencies. It’s length is 7 inches but is extendable to 22 inches. Time to round up all lost metal items around the house!

Cool gadgets on Amazon

 Personal Alarm Keychain With A Built-In Flashlight

This handheld alarm produces 125 decibels of sound to alert everyone in the area that you’re in trouble. It hangs conveniently on your keys or lanyard, has a built-in LED light, and can be turned off and re-used by pulling out the side pin. This is ideal for several situations. For example, it can be used by the elderly when they need assistance, patients in quarantine, women for security when out alone, night-workers, people trekking, hiking, and camping. The batteries are exceptionally powerful to cater to the loud alert sounds and can last up to a year before needing to be replaced.

alarm e1608219035627

Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder

This Sinuoda car mount attaches to any car and any phone, with an extra-strong adhesive on the bottom and a universal magnet on top. The top swivels 360-degrees for optimal viewing for you or the passengers in the car and the super slim magnet can be applied to your phone with or without a case. Best of all, it takes up minimal space, which will never cover your driving view and can withstand a bumpy ride without dropping your phone.

Untitled 1 4 e1608219360724

Leave losing keys or forgetting cumbersome numeric combinations in the past with this Bluetooth Padlock. This lock can store up to 15 sets of fingerprints but only under your permission. Without your authorization, nothing locked with WGCC padlock can be taken or used. The lock has an aluminium alloy lock body, along with stainless steel lock beam enhancing the sturdiness of the padlock. Its waterproof and dustproof high-quality design makes it durable to use indoors and outdoors. (However, it would be wise not to leave it out in the rain or snow). The padlock comes with a free app to register fingerprints, unlock, or set authorized users. The lock also allows you to know unexpected danger one step in advance by checking the last 1000 unlock activities to find unauthorized fingerprint unlocks.

lock e1606133093484

Portable Cereal Cup That Doesn’t Mix Up The Cereal With The Milk

Ever found yourself in the popular argument on whether the cereal goes in the bowl first or the milk? How about both and none at the same time. This portable cereal cup is your solution to keeping your cereal from getting soggy. With the milk and cereal being in separate compartments and only mixing when they reach your mouth. You don’t have to worry about rushing to finish your breakfast so it does not get foul-tasting. What is even better is that you can carry this cup on the go – be it work, school, or maybe just while you’re gaming. It is easy to assemble, dishwasher-friendly and sturdy enough to take a hit when dropped, without breaking.

crunchcup e1606134023947

3D Pen Set That Let’s You Draw Or Doodle In Real Life

This 3D pen set sure made to the list of cool gadgets on Amazon. Itis pretty much the same thing as 3D printers and it lets you pour your creativity in the air as it materializes it. Ideally made for children, the pen does not have dangerous hot parts and the plastic filaments cool down rapidly. The box includes the 3Doodler Start 3D Pen, 2 mixed-color packs of eco-plastic (48 Strands), Micro-USB charger and an activity guide. This could make for a wonderful gift for kids who are into building things but don’t hesitate in getting one yourself either as it makes for a good relaxing hobby.

pen e1608219419641

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