BMW showcases the future of autonomous mobility with vision iNext EV

For several years BMW has been discussing the iNEXT program. This abstract and strange concept provides insight on how autonomy, connectivity, and electrification will shape the future of automotive design. BMW vision iNEXT is an electric, highly automated and fully connected SAV (sports activity vehicle). It seems a wild fantasy and unparalleled to any production car seen previously. In only three years’ time, the first highly automated flagship BMW will hit the roadways.

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BMW Vision iNext Autonomous Electric Vechile 4 BMW Vision iNext Autonomous Electric Vechile 3

The exterior features give it a sophisticated appearance that includes the large interlinked double-kidney grille, blue accents upon its surfaces, side window graphic, sculpted forms & surfaces, and its gradual changing liquid grey-rose copper paintwork makes it unmistakably from the BMW ifamily. Cameras that replaces the traditional exterior mirrors, 3D printed patterns, and slender head and rear lights complete the flagship design.

BMW Vision iNext Autonomous Electric Vechile 5 BMW Vision iNext Autonomous Electric Vechile 7

Two large opposing doors are opened via touch-sensitive illuminated door openers. It is nothing less than a living space on wheels. It acts a place for interaction, relaxation, concentration, and entertainment perfectly. The spacious cabin below the panoramic roof features two individual seats in the front and a one-piece bench in the back. The steering wheel and the two visible display panels define the driver’s area. It can be adjusted according to two modes, i.e. boost and ease. ‘Boost’ mode relies on the driver to deliver a more dynamic ride by letting the electric powertrain to show its full potential. ‘Ease’ mode pulls the steering wheel and opens up more space by giving the driver more time to relax, enjoy, or interact with passengers.

BMW Vision iNext Autonomous Electric Vechile 9 BMW Vision iNext Autonomous Electric Vechile 8

The strategy of shy tech continues up front. For a more seamless and passenger focused environment, touch controls are integrated into the cloth of the bench. The digital instrument panel, steering wheel, and infotainment widescreen only act as automotive controls/information centers. There are no touch controllers, audio knobs, and climate control hardware.

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BMW Vision iNext Autonomous Electric Vechile 12 BMW Vision iNext Autonomous Electric Vechile 13

The famous German mass automobile manufacturer wants to lead with an example by pushing outside the envelope and through innovation. The vision iNEXT concept is a perfect example of such innovation, and a considerable number of new powertrain and platform technologies are expected soon.

BMW Vision iNext Autonomous Electric Vechile 14 BMW Vision iNext Autonomous Electric Vechile 11

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All Images: Courtesy of BMW Group

h/t: Design Boom

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