Robotic ironing machine ‘Effie’ can iron 12 pieces of clothes in just 3 minutes

We all simply love the person who invented the washing machine, am I right? We no longer have to wash them by hand, tightly squeeze and twist the damp clothes to remove excessive water and wait for hours to dry them out. However, we still have to iron all these washed clothes since they are quite wrinkled – wait, sick of ironing? No problem!

Effie Ironing Machine 3

Image: effie

You only need US $913 in order to liberate yourself from ironing duties! The all new ‘Effie’ is an ironing machine that irons damp clothes straight out of a washer. All you need to do is hang them on unique adjustable hangers, you don’t even have to sort them based on the material! For instance, you can place your jeans, dress shirt and silk dress all at the same time. The effie allows you to place up to 12 clothing items and takes less than three minutes to iron each item.

Effie Ironing Machine 4

Image: effie

On the ironing machine is a ‘start’ button, when pressed, the ironing system comes into action and smooths out all the wrinkles. If you have trust issues or don’t want to risk your $2000 dress then you can opt for the ‘steam’ mode which means that the machine will not touch your clothes but will straighten them using steam. The best part about effie is that it is movable, you do not need to fix it to your house’s plumbing system as it uses water stored in a removable reservoir. The UK based company even attached wheels to this ironing machine so that it can be tucked into a corner when not in use.

Source: effie (via: New Atlas)

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