This splendid underground Polish Church is made entirely of rock salt

Ever heard of an underground church? Probably, yes. But we bet you have never heard of an underground church that is carved entirely out of salt. Wieliczka Salt Mine houses a centuries old Catholic Church which was primarily built by Catholic miners who were seeking out for a convenient place to pray underground.

“Miners were always very religious, due to the fact that they were working underground in constant danger, in darkness, and away from their families,” the mine’s website states. “They created underground chapels as places where they could pray, gain strength and energy before facing the challenges that awaited them and seek the protection of the patron saints of the underworld.”

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The church is settled 1000 feet below the town and since the Middle Ages, it has evolved into quite an exquisite shrine with four splendid chapels. All these chapels are majestically decorated with free-standing figures, sculptures, intricate furnishings and even crystal chandeliers, made up of rock salt completely. Witnessing its ethereal beauty, the church has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts over 1.2 million visitors every year.



sacred salt

Lámparas de sal de Wieliczka

Wieliczka Salt Mine, Wieliczka, Poland

The magnificent underground St. Kinga´s chapel, Salt Mine Wieliczka Poland (UNESCO world heritage site)


Kopalnia Soli

Wieliczka Salt Mine


Krakow- Wieliczka Salt Mine 130


Wieliczka Salt Mine, chapel

wieliczka salt mine

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