Mercedes’ EQ Silver Arrow futuristic electric-powered concept is a beauty to behold

The original Mercedes-Benz Silver Arrow from the 1930s just got a makeover, and it is even more fabulous than before. This heritage-laced single-seater recently made its appearance at the Pebble beach Concours d’Elgance to pay homage to the W125 Silver Arrow racecar that made its first lap around a track in 1937 and reached a 268 mph average on the German autobahn, a record that remained until November 2017. Eighty years on and the Mercedes Design team recreated the model to celebrate the company’s progress in the electrification field.

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The battery-electric powerhouse provides a 720 horsepower and 80 kWh batteries give up to 250 miles (400 km) of driving range. Silver Arrow’s body is made out of carbon fiber along with the front splitter, front trim and side skirts. The company used this lightweight material to balance out the extra-added weight by the battery pack. Its layers of “alubeam silver” paint make it look highly sleek and almost fluid, while the lighting strips built on the fronts and sides skirts give it a highly futuristic look. The 17.3 ft (5.3 meter) long vehicle has wheels that contain 168 lightweight aluminum spokes painted rose gold, covered in 255/25 R 24 tires at the front and 305/25 R 26 back tires, with customized treads.


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The interior of the car contains all things fancy and leaves the viewer at a loss for words. With a fusion of old and new, the car contains a leather-upholstered seat smack in the middle of the car, while actual wood covers the length of the flooring and an in-built screen in the steering wheel, which is a smart-touch center that gives information regarding the car’s speed, real-time power output as well as the ambient temperature. The driver can use this screen to choose one of the three driving modes or change the artificial engine noise channeled to the cabin. Not just that, behind this screen, is another instrumental panel, which can be used to toy with the virtual racing software and compete against the computer in a current or classic Silver Arrow. The blueish lighting inside the car reflects off the aluminum sides providing a very contemporary visual.

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If you thought of buying this car, then we’d suggest that you put your wallet away. Mercedes gave no clue whether the EQ Silver Arrow will ever even reach production. It was only made to shed light on the direction that the design team will take on in the next couple of years. Nevertheless, the pictures of this concept car are certainly a sight for sore eyes!

Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow

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