This Colourless Coffee Will Energize You Without Staining Your Perfect Smile!

Who doesn’t love a hot cup of coffee in the morning? But, every good thing has a downside and we all know that stained teeth is the only heavy price one pays for a good cup of coffee. However, if you are ready to compromise on the colour of your favourite hot beverage then this issue is no issue at all!

Adam and David Nagy have invented “Clr Cff”, which is basically coffee without any of its brown-ness and surprisingly the product is free of any stabilizers, preservatives sweeteners and artificial flavours. So, it is coffee in its purest form, minus the staining colour. The product is available only in UK and Slovakia right now so if you live there then you can have all the coffee that you want to have without giving any hint of this to your coworkers from your teeth!

clr cff 4 1

clr cff 3 1

clr cff 1

Images: CLR CFF

H/T: Mashable

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