Artist creates intricate installations out of colourful nylon ropes

If you are a creative person, you wouldn’t need much to make art of your own, even a long piece of rope can work, too. No kidding, Janaina Mello Landini actually does this! The artist is known for the intertwined art that she creates out of colourful nylon ropes. The twisting, tangled ropes spread in such patterns that make the sculptural installation look like intricate network of blood vessels and tree branches. One of her famous piece, “Ciclotrama 50” has been permanently installed at the French museum Foundation Carmignac, for the people to indulge in while you can check out rest of her breathtaking work right here!

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Rope Art 1 Rope Art 2 Rope Art 3 Rope Art 1 Rope Art 2 Rope Art 3 Rope Art 5 Rope Art 4 Rope Art 10 Rope Art 9 Rope Art 7 Rope Art 8 Rope Art 6 Rope Art 12 Rope Art 13 Rope Art 11

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Images: © Mello

Janaina Mello Landini:  Website | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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