This stunning tree house in Vietnam is the ultimate forest cabin you’ve been looking for

With the sudden boost in urbanization, individuals seek out abodes that are far away from population and closer to nature. Hence, Vietnamese architect Chu Van Dong from D12 Design Studio finally released the sequel to his tiny Forest House, which he showed earlier this year.

Labelled Forest House 02, the tiny lodging sits further on top from the original house and provides glorious views of the forest cover in Sóc Sơn District, 30.6 km (19 mi) outside of Hanoi, Vietnam. The small abode spreads over an area of 45 square m (484.4 sq ft) in an L-shape, and lies between two stilts  providing a more airy and open atmosphere to the house.

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Forest House 02 Vietnam 16 Forest House 02 Vietnam 11 Forest House 02 Vietnam 15

In order to have as little impact on the surroundings as possible, the house was created using local pinewood with a steel frame core, as well as lightweight concrete and clay stone. Using these materials not only decreased the overall load of the structure, it also helped it blend evenly with the surroundings. In addition, the positioning of both houses was such that they did not disturb the natural habitat of the area, nor the pre-existing trees present there.

Forest House 02 Vietnam 3 Forest House 02 Vietnam 2 Forest House 02 Vietnam 1

The welcoming interior features large floor-to-ceiling windows, warm interior cladding on walls and the ceiling, polished wooden floors and marble benchtops in the kitchen. The open lounge with a sofa-cum-bed and large master bedroom can accommodate around two to four guests. A stunning bathroom with a standing bath and breathtaking stone-covered walls provide a comforting spot to get dressed in the morning. Furthermore, a glass sliding door blurs the boundaries between the kitchen and outdoor landscape, hence providing a picturesque view in the comfort of the house. However, if you do plan on sitting outside, there is an outdoor tub for your enjoyment that is hidden between the lush trees.

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Forest House 02 Vietnam 8 Forest House 02 Vietnam 6 Forest House 02 Vietnam 9

Taking inspiration from treehouses, the exterior comes with a net terrace located at a height and connects the living room and the master bedroom. It sits high above the ground kind of like a bird’s nest, wrapping around a pre-existing tree. We hope that it’s as safe as it looks!

“Designed as a small wooden box lying on the sloping hill, each house has a solid structure,” says Chu Van Dong. “The interior is arranged reasonably, compact and full of facilities, including glass windows throughout the home, which look straight out over the woods. It’s extremely poetic.”

Forest House 02 Vietnam 13 Forest House 02 Vietnam 10 Forest House 02 Vietnam 12

With so many amenities, the house comes at a price of $21,558. If one adds solar panels and an external water tank, it could easily be a tiny residence for two people.

Forest House 02 Vietnam 5 Forest House 02 Vietnam 4

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All Images: © Le Hoang / D12 Design via Arch Daily

h/t: New Atlas

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