Honda-powered speedboat is a crossover between a vintage car and batmobile

Who knew that vintage cars could ever influence the design of water vehicles? Nevertheless, the Philippines-based Trydent recently unveiled their new speedboat that not only makes you think of vintage cars, but strangely of Batmobiles and Filipino race boats as well!

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Honda Mantra Watercraft Speedboat 4

The Mantra has wings that provide its body with a hydrodynamic lift that allow it to reach high speeds with ease and also ‘drift’-style cornering. Furthermore, its power comes from the Honda’s GX390 Mega Marine engine installed in the watercraft that allows a customized fuel system, as well as intake and exhaust for USCG compliance. In addition, you can also upgrade the engine, as the performance parts are abundantly available thanks to kart enthusiasts around the world that use it!

Honda Mantra Watercraft Speedboat 3

Taking inspiration from Filipino racing boats, the Mantra provides exceptional efficiency and a practical design that allow it to reach speeds over 80 kmh (49.7 mph) for the RS model. At such high speeds, the trimaran wing design gives it the stability it needs as well as helps it perform up to its maximum potential.

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Honda Mantra Watercraft Speedboat 1 Honda Mantra Watercraft Speedboat 2

All Images: © Trydent

h/t: Design Boom

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