Looking for a completely unique living experience in London? Check out Boathouse

If staying at mainstream boring hotels is not your thing, then we have just the place that will spice things up for your next trip to London. Boathouse London is a chic and contemporary floating hotel anchored on a city canal. This getaway abode provides the perfect experience that always leaves you wanting more.

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Through a collaborative effort of home design brand Made and designer Katie Hanton, the hotel gives off the vibes of a Scandinavian living space, except with a little more oomph. Dubbed as an “industrial –style barge turned contemporary bolthole”, the hotel features various experiences which include a boat driver that guides you around the canals and a local chef that prepares special meals.

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We’re hugely excited to be working with Made, and we couldn’t ask for a better fit — our aim is to create a range of beautifully designed, stylish, modern spaces on the water, each with their own individual twist — and breaking away from the traditional idea of a canal boat,” explained CEO and Founder Cara Louise Furby.

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This 60 feet wide space consists of a sophisticated black exterior and a wooden interior that makes it look welcoming and cozy. Local boat builders also added lots of windows and neutral colors to enhance the airiness of the rooms. Furthermore, the furniture by Made and the greenery combine to provide a relaxing aura for the guests. If you want to leave the comfort of your room and go outside, the botel also provides a large deck as well as bicycles and rowboats for a full outdoorsy experience!

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Inside, the area comes with a well-equipped kitchen, a fully furnished bedroom and bathroom, a dining area for a hearty meal, and a lounging area that comes with a sofa cum bed. If you ever feel like dropping by London, you’ll find the Boathouse in London’s first floating park near Little Venice atop Grand Union Canal in Paddington Basin; and if, unsurprisingly you decide to stay, the charges would start at £220 per night with breakfast and Wi-Fi included.

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h/t: Inhabitat

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