Find the perfect aqua abode for yourself in this off-the-grid houseboat

If you are an aquaphile and feel the most at home when you’re in water then maybe you should just shift to this incredible off-grid houseboat that the famous Quebec-based boat builders, Daigno have constructed.

The 5,000-pound houseboat is made up of plywood and white cedar beams which makes it strong and light-weight all at the same time. The houseboat makes up for a complete home despite its compact structure of 24 x 8 feet area. The front of the boat is made up of an open-air deck that fulfils the role of the main living room. This area also includes some space for barbecuing, a fish tank to place the fresh catch and a miniscule dining table for two.

houseboat 4

houseboat 5

houseboat 10

houseboat 8

houseboat 3

The rear area of the boat on the other hand makes up for a more private and cozy space with a dinette table that folds into bed frame and two benches that doubles up as mattresses when folded out. Moreover, the compact boat also features a bathroom with a shower and a kitchen with bistro table in this area.

houseboat 11

houseboat 12

houseboat 1

houseboat 6

houseboat 7

The boat is powered by 265-watt solar panel placed on the metal roof and this produces just enough energy to light up the energy efficient LED lighting installed in the boat. So, if you’ve always wanted to live in the water then $65,000 for this houseboat is not really a bad deal after all, right?

Images: © Daigno

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