Photographer subtly questions the beauty standards with his series “Both Sides Of”

Beauty is often seen to be related to symmetry. The more symmetrical things are, the more beautiful they appear, especially when it comes to faces. New York based photographer, Alex John Beck explores this concept with his photography series “Both Sides Of”, in which he mirrors one side of the face of his models to the other side and hence creates a perfectly symmetrical photograph.

The two adjacent photographs are both manipulated, where one photograph mirrors the left side of the face and the second one mirrors the right side of the face. The result obviously, does not seem realistic at all hence, the series does question the beauty standards of our societies very subtly and must we say, aesthetically. Check out the photographs and see if you still think beauty equals to symmetry.

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Symmetry 1 Symmetry 2 Symmetry 3 Symmetry 4 Symmetry 5 Symmetry 6 Symmetry 7 Symmetry 8 Symmetry 9

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Images: © Alex John

h/t: My Modern Met

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