Blu3’s world’s lightest breathing apparatus gives you a hassle-free diving experience

If you’ve ever wondered what the depths of the Atlantic Ocean hold but the thought of strenuous scuba diving and using hefty tanks as backpacks, used to give you cold feet, then hope is just around the corner.

The company, Blu3, has launched a portable scuba diving system that allows up to 3 metres deep underwater diving for a time span of about an hour. This compact system, which has been wittedly named Nemo by the Florida-based company, only weighs about 4.5kg, which is similar to the weight of an average sized watermelon.

Blu3 Nemo Breathing Apparatus 1

Image Credit: Blu3

Blu3 Nemo Breathing Apparatus 1

Image Credit: Blu3

The system is battery operated with a battery of 74 Watts/hour. It consists of designated parts that are compiled for the ease of the user. A floating air compressor is used to obtain the breathing patterns of the diver and thus pumps the oxygen in required amounts avoiding wastage. A 3-metre long air pipe has been attached to the floating system enabling the user to breathe through it.

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Blu3 Nemo Breathing Apparatus 2

Image Credit: Blu3

If you’re worried about running out of battery life then a mini alarm that is audible underwater, has been integrated that indicates when it is time to resurface. To add to that, a silicone diaphragm measures precisely how much quantity of air you require hence ensuring maximum efficiency and productivity.

The lightweight and durable device can be left floating in a pool or near the surface, but should be attached to a light weight circular hoop that has a high visibility range, to avoid chances of any mishap.

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Blu3 Nemo Breathing Apparatus 4

Image Credit: Blu3

Blu3 Nemo Breathing Apparatus 3

Image Credit: Blu3

Any ambiguity on how to work your way around this device can be cleared up using the training program that accompanies the system, free of cost.

Priced at just $399 on Kickstarter for pre-orders, the surface-supplied air system will be available by December and is bound to give you the best underwater experience in the most proficient manner at the most affordable price.

Blu3 Nemo Breathing Apparatus 5

Image Credit: Blu3

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