This vintage-inspired three-wheeled electric vehicle stands out from the crowd

Nowadays, electric vehicles sport highly futuristic looks. However, this three-wheeled vehicle fuses the vintage and contemporary look to give electric vehicles a more stylish and distinct appearance. Inspired by vintage icons, the Nobe 100 is a neo-designed, electric vehicle that replaces disposable cars, which people discard after their value decreases.

The Nobe Vintage Electric Vehicle 4

This upgradeable and recyclable model stands out from the EV crowd because of its tapered tail, whitewall tires, thin-rimmed steering wheel and a large clock located inside the car. The interior has just enough space to fit in three people; and it contains a dash that holds a speedometer showing a maximum speed of 100 kilometers per hour and a smaller dial showing amps and remaining battery.

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The Nobe Vintage Electric Vehicle 5

What adds to The Nobe’s vintage look is its manual window regulators. The only elaborate thing contained in the interior of this car is its small slider mechanism, located at the center of the dash that regulates the temperature of the car and has adjustable fan speeds.

The Nobe Vintage Electric Vehicle 2 The Nobe Vintage Electric Vehicle 3

After taking its two hours of charge time, the car performs substantially as it goes up to 0-60mph in 5.9 seconds. According to sources, the estimated cost of the Nobe 100 will be approximately $34,000, while sales will start in 2020. The Estonia based company has also created a go fund me page to look for prospective investors that can help achieve their mission.

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Images: My Nobe

h/t: Design Boom

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