Thunder Child boat is impossible to capsize even in the fiercest storms

Remember how the mighty Titanic was claimed to be uncapsizable until well, it capsized. Sort of like that, only much smaller in size, there is another boat that is said to be incapable of turning over!

Called the Thunder Child and designed by Safehaven Marine, this boat is a high-speed boat which can be used by law enforcement agencies, Navy and other such entities who need to pierce through the waves and withstand high-pressure cases. The boat can accommodate 10 people and has a sleeping cabin. Since it is designed to move over rough seas, it has the ability to absorb shock.

Thunder Child Boat 2

Image: Safehaven Marine

In case you see this Thunder Child boat turned over, don’t start laughing just yet because the boat will turn itself over!

So, how is this boat uncapsizable? For starters, it has a low centre of gravity that reduces its probability of turning over. Secondly, the cabin is watertight which means that even if the boat turns over, water will not gush in. Similarly, the cabin is buoyant, keeping the boat up straight at all times!

Thunder Child Boat 3

Image: Safehaven Marine

In order to see if the boat can do what they say it can, a crane was used to pull the boat (full of people!) down. Fortunately, the Thunder Child proved its capabilities by restoring its original position without anyone getting hurt!

h/t: Design Boom

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