Dell has launched an ambitious 75-inch workspace touchscreen monitor

Offices and meeting rooms, tend to keep a variety of boards and projection devices to display ideas. Dell has now included a 75 inch 4K IPS touchscreen monitor into their work area which lets the entire team work together at the same time.

Multiple users can work simultaneously using the multi-touch InGlass display feature. According to dell, the touchscreen will be responsive and adept enough to allow the multiple fingers, palms and styluses without any lags.

Dell 75-inch 4K Interactive Touchscreen Monitor
Credit: Dell

A ComfortView feature will give sharp outputs, remove any blue light emission and prevent it from damaging the viewer’s eye. The anti-glare and anti-smudge also aid to the visual ease and allow the team to stay on track.

In order to make sure that every member is able to access the screen according to their height, a screen drop technology has been included (similar to the one we see on our smart phones today). Using a panel of buttons on one side, you can lower or raise the screen to an adjustable height.

Dell 75-inch 4K Interactive Touchscreen Monitor
Credit: Dell

When there is optimum space, an additional OptiPlex Micro PC feature can be included and be used as an all-in-one computing solution. The IT management can also access the display remotely using the RS232, RJ45 and HDMI connections. A peripheral port is also included for the standard HDMI cables, USBs and for audio in and out jacks. It also includes a Flat Frog Whiteboard collaboration software.

The 75 4K Interactive Touch Monitor by dell has hit the stores and can be purchased for US$5,999.99. Although the purchase is a bit pricey, it is definitely worth the money.

h/t: New Atlas

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