Five reasons why aircrafts are almost always painted white!

Ever wondered how colourful the sky would look if colourful airplanes fill it up? The idea is certainly very imaginative but unfortunately, very unlikely to happen in real life as the airplanes are almost always painted in white colour and there are good enough reasons for things to be the way they are.

White colour is a perfect reflector of light and heat hence, it keeps the plane safe from absorbing extra heat from the environment.


Image: Airbus

Painting an airplane is tedious and a very expensive task so, whitewashing the plane is the most efficient option.


Image: Southwest

It is easier to spot any dents or oil spills on a white exterior hence; white airplanes minimize time and cost of inspection.


Image: Quora

It is easier to spot a white plane in the sky as compared to the colourful ones, in case of turbulence, crash or other emergency situations.


Image: Emirates

White planes have a better resale value!


Image: Alamy

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