SANDSARA kinetic sculpture gives an amazing aesthetic appeal

SANDSARA kinetic sculpture is an aesthetic piece of art that gives you the luxury of decorating your home with the most beautiful artwork. SANDSARA has been meticulously engineered to make sure it is affordable and of high quality.

The essence of the art lies in its aesthetic appeal to the brain with its synchronized movements in the sand which gives you a relaxed feel. SANDSARA’s name was extracted from Samsara which is a common concept in the Eastern religions and represents the ongoing cycle of life from birth, back to rebirth. It helps to reflect on the idea that almost everything we do, comes back to us in more ways than one. The same concept follows SANDSARA with the rolling ball as old patterns get lost and new ones are formed.

Kinetic Sculpture

With the SANDSARA kinetic sculpture, the sphere can move from one end to the other covering a large path in doing so. Since it leaves no excess space, it gives an extremely attractive outlook.

The art piece also allows you to pick from a library of over 100 patterns or create your own using the easy-to-use x and y coordinates. You can either download the iOS or Android app for the new patterns or load any .svg file to make your own.

Kinetic Sculpture

While it makes for great home décor, it is also a popular gift choice for your friends and family. The frame has also been well thought out with a 45 degrees chamfer and a wooden frame that integrates itself into the sand bed. The framework is made of black walnut and birch to make it more durable and easy on the eyes. To secure everything in place, it has been hand finished with an ultra-thin layer of wax.

Careful considerations have been made to the design elements used to ensure their re-usability and recyclability. “Our shell is made of wood, one of the most sustainable materials. It is long-lasting and totally biodegradable,” claims the SANDSARA team.

Kinetic Sculpture

In the Halo design of the collection, all the patterns compliment the circular body and it sits well in any room. The Stelle collection showcases a star shaped body while its patterns mimic the outer framework.

The designs have been developed to make the body as small as possible while entertaining maximum number and design of patterns. The SCARA (Selective Compliance Assembly Robot Arm), which is specially made to work with the SANDSARA, uses maximum area but keeps the footprint small when compared to a Cartesian or Polar algorithm. To add to the ease, the program utilizes the same technique for both its ‘Halo’ and ‘Stelle’ collection of kinetic sculptures.SANDSARA Patterns

The designs can also be upgraded to avail some additional features. For instance, the AURA add on uses RGB lights incorporated into the sand bed. When the light illuminates the sand, it appears to be as if the entire sand bed is made out of colours. The tempered glass cover can be placed on top of the SANDSARA to minimize exposure, in case you want to protect it from kids, pets or dirt.

Kinetic Sculpture

With early bird discounts, you can purchase the SANDSARA kinetic sculpture for $349 with shipping worldwide.

All Images: SANDSARA/Kickstarter
Source: Kickstarter

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