Artist creates pixelated sculptures to embody human complexity

Artist Gil Bruvel has never shied away from incorporating complex metaphors in his highly distinctive artworks and this time again, he has struck his audience with his Bending the Lines series. He crafted pixelated wooden sculptures with the painted wood sticks to show “topographical depth.” The sculptures show peaceful human faces on one side while at the back of them, an abstract colour burst takes the artwork into a whole new dimension. The duality of the sculptures show how dynamic human mind is and even though a face may seem still and calm, the mind remains hyperactive with its imagination.

“We are made up of complex systems that influence our everyday lives. The neural connectivity that allows us to not only feel but express emotion works closely together within our heads. These faces embody emotions that accompany meditation or deep inner reflection,” says Bruvel. “On the back of these artworks is an abstracted visual of synapses firing within the brain. The juxtaposition of the wood sticks mimics the many pathways that make up the human psyche and gives representation to the mostly invisible complexities of thought.”


Clarity 1 Clarity 4 Clarity 2 Clarity 3

In the Green

In the Green 3 1 In the Green 1 In the Green 2


Divided 1 1 Divided 2


Equanimity 1 Equanimity 2 1


Symbiosis 1 1 Symbiosis 3 Symbiosis 2

All Images: © Gil Bruvel

Gil Bruvel: Website | Facebook | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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