This pedestal bridge lights up with a coral shaped mount

Imagine standing on a mesmerizing harbour but surrounded with maintenance wires everywhere, wouldn’t that disrupt the whole beautiful setting? Thanks to Estonian street furniture brand Väliala, that mess is now quite aesthetically sorted with translucent, “coral”. The mount works as a lighting fixture as well as a power source for several power outlets. Its several branches can also be used as water taps and hatches.

The coral has an aluminum frame on which electrical components are mounted on while its exterior is made up of polyethylene which softens the illumination of LED bulbs. The bulbs can be changed conveniently via the hatches while the water supply system can be carefully maintained through an isolated enclosure in the main frame so there is no hazard of electric fires. Coral is truly an outstanding product that elevates the overall look of pedestal bridges while remaining immensely functional throughout the time.

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coral 3

coral 5

coral 1

coral 6

coral 4

coral 1

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Images: © Valiala

h/t: Design Boom

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