Foot-powered street lights are being tested in Las Vegas!

How long do you think these natural resources will last? Coal, oil and natural gas are being extracted at an exponential rate, and being non-renewable in nature, there’s no coming back. Apart from the depletion of these natural resources, the environmental degradation caused by their combustion is a grave issue itself. So, what can we do to protect our environment? The answer is pretty simple, walk on the Las Vegas’ Boulder Plaza!

Image: EnGo Planet

Image: EnGo Planet

Confused? Thought so. Las Vegas has collaborated with New York based EnGo Planet in order to install kinetic and solar powered street lights in the Arts District. Luckily, the entire world is shifting towards renewable energy to achieve sustainable development; EnGo Planet is playing its part by creating smart streetlights. Just to understand how much of a difference these smart streetlights can make, just remember that 300 million traditional streetlights contribute over 100 million tons of carbon pollution annually!

Image: EnGo Planet

So, how do they work? There are kinetic pads installed in the surroundings of these streetlights which are also connected to solar panels. As one walks on these pads, the kinetic energy is stored in a generator! A single footstep produces around 4-8 watts. So along with solar panels, enough power is generated to switch these LED streetlights on. As if this wasn’t amazing enough, EnGo Planet has outdone itself! In addition to this, the company has added some super cool smart features such as a WiFi hotspot and mobile charging station fitted with a wireless charging pad and USB ports. Moreover, smart sensors have been installed in order to monitor temperature, humidity, and air quality – one can even monitor the entire system and dim the lights through an online software.

Image: EnGo Planet

Las Vegas is all set to reduce its electricity bills as Mayor, Carolyn G. Goodman, said, “We want to provide the highest service levels while also looking to the future and ensuring that we are sustainable. Through our LEED certified buildings, solar projects, water reclamation, alternative-fueled vehicles and sustainable streetlights, Las Vegas continues to lead the way.”

This isn’t it for EnGo Planet either as they aim to introduce these smart streetlights to ten rural areas in Africa since people there are deprived of such basic necessities.

All in all, it’s a fantastic idea and we hope that EnGo Planet continues to be this innovative because the world is in desperate need of it!

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