This artist creates magic on the streets with his witty street art

It is certain that people with a creative flair in them never really settle to see anything in this world with a mundane perspective. Tom Bob fits into this category perfectly with his sharp wit and great artistic abilities. The street artist turns everything that is ordinary and boring into colourful and highly amusing pieces of street art. Scroll down to see how Tom Bob lights up the street with his work!

Don’t Play The Saxophone Let It Play You (Miami)

One Love (New York)

“Are You Not Entertained?” (Los Angeles)

If I Only Had A Heart (Massachusetts)

Gnome Down (Brooklyn)

Psst!! Wanna Buy Some Time? (California)

Gator Sighting (Dubai)

 Caterpillar (Taiwan)

 Splat! (Dubai)

Knights Helmet (Dubai)

Rat-At-Tat-Tat (Taiwan)

Back To School (Massachusetts)

Get Fit (Los Angeles)

Images: © Tom Bob

h/t: Bored Panda

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