Mercedes Benz F 015 Self-Driving Car Is The Future Of Autonomous Mobility

Debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2015, Mercedes Benz “F 015 Luxury in Motion Concept” hints at the future of autonomous driving. With only a fewer companies i.e. Audi, Nvidia and Google that are working on self-driving cars, the F 015 Concept reflects the way Mercedes Benz envisions the future.

The F 015 looks like a sleek yet stylish pod on wheels with ‘lounge like’ passenger cabin. The capsule like F 015 measures 17ft (5.2 meters) in length and 5ft (1.5 meters) in height. 26-inch larges wheels are pushed right in the corner of the vehicle, to maximize the passenger’s compartment inside space.

Inside the cabin, the passengers are seated on four rotating chairs that can rotate upto 30 degrees allowing the passengers to sit face to face or to take manual control of the vehicle through the steering wheel if needed. The interior is the key feature of F 015 Concept with six high-resolution touch-screen display panels on the doors which passengers can use via touch, gestures or eye movements to control the car’s features or simply to interact with the outside world.

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Dieter Zietsche, the head of Mercedes-Benz cars said, Mercedes Benz looks forward to a world after 2030, in which self-driving vehicles will be common and used in day-to-day travel. It will become more than just about getting from Point A to Point B, Cars will be “exclusive cocoons” — the redefinition of luxury.

While the vehicle is self-driving, it is equipped with large LED lights on the front and back, which it uses to communicate with other drivers. The LEDs will display blue when the vehicle is in self-driving mode, if in manual, the LEDs will be white.

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The F 015 Concept is made of carbon fiber, aluminium and high-strength steel. The vehicle ensures zero emission driving as it is powered by electric hybrid system. This efficient hybrid system enables the vehicle to travel 685 miles (1,100 km) on a single charge.

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With the unveiling of Mercedes Benz F 015 Concept one thing is for sure that autonomous cars are no more some science fiction but a reality. However, we might have to wait for few more year until one of these self-driving cars actually hit the roads.

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