These unique sunglasses are purely eco-friendly!

Those fancy sunglasses might make you look super cool but unfortunately leaves a huge carbon footprint on the earth. Of course, you can’t let the sun hurt your eyes but how about switching to these ultra-fashionable yet eco-friendly sunglasses? Marius Temming’s designed green shades are made up of all-natural products hence it automatically reduces the carbon footprint that goes into making sunglasses. Kenaf, Flax, ash wood, oak veneer and hemp are used as construction materials for these shades. These materials, together with Carl Zeiss lenses and non-toxic eco-resin by German company Bioresin, makes Temming’s sustainable glasses one with incredibly high-quality and unique style!

sunglasses 2

sunglasses 3

sunglasses 1

sunglasses 4

Images: © Marius Temming

h/t: Inhabitat

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