Love Hulten pays homage to NES and Nintendo with this retro-looking gaming console

Love Hulten’s retro creations have been pretty popular amongst the gamers who welcome nostalgia as much as they are open to innovations in the video game industry. This time, Hulten has chosen the pioneer of video gaming, NES and the much-loved Nintendo to pay his homage to and we dare say, it has been done in a highly artistic manner.

Pyua, the retro inspired gaming console does look similar to the 1985 NES however, it features contemporary technology at its heart in the form of Nt mini pcb. The device allows the console to manage NES and Famicom cartridges, without creating any input lag whatsoever and the set comes with an original as well as a wireless controller. Moreover, you can even view the game in 1080p via HDMI monitor hence it is safe to say that the ash wood-clad and farmica furnished console is retro only by its looks. So, are you ready to enjoy the golden days of gaming with Pyua?

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pyua 4

pyua 2

pyua 3

pyua 5

pyua 8

pyua 6

pyua 1

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Images: © Love Hulten

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