This pink floating coffin is a perfect fit for a fun pool party

The idea of being dead and stuck in a coffin is pretty horrifying but what if the coffin is pink, floatable and you don’t really have to die to get into it? This is exactly what designers Andrew Greenbaum and Ian Felton from Pom Pom Floats have created for a humorous touch at your next pool party! The pink coffin float goes parallel with the Pom Pom Floats’ objective of creating fun, nonchalant, satirical, and strange products and safe to say, it has become quite popular with the crowd for it since its campaign at Kickstarter has gained numerous pledgers. If this looks something that you’d want to flaunt in your pool party then you can order it away for just $120 through the Kickstarter campaign!

pink coffin 7

pink coffin 1 1

pink coffin 4

pink coffin 2 1

pink coffin 5

Images: © Pom Pom Floats

h/t: Design Boom

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