These intricate paper sculptures will take your breath away

Paper art is definitely one of the most unique art forms to exist but UK-based paper artist Lisa Lloyd takes it to a whole new level with her extraordinary intricate 3-D paper sculptures. Lloyd uses multi-coloured papers to construct heavenly floral designs, magnanimously feathered birds and feasts. Each sculpture incorporates fine geometric designs on the wings and feathers which hypnotized the spectators with its beauty. Her recent creations have been exhibited at Milan Design Week and she has been working for big brands such as Grolsch, Disney, and the BBC as well before.

paper art 8

paper art 10

paper art 3

paper art 1

paper art 9

paper art 6

paper art 4

paper art 2

paper art 7

paper art 5

Images: © Lisa Lloyd

Lisa LIoyd: Website | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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