Reuben Wu lights up the sky with drones to capture dramatic illuminated landscapes

Think science fiction and romance have nothing in common? Chicago-based photographer Reuben Wu will prove you wrong any day with his spectacular series, “Lux Noctis”. The artist has captured the soul of 19th century romance and modern science fiction in his photographs by using nature, landscape and dark sky as his subjects. Wu has managed to create this using GPS-enabled drone, a 3DR Solo UAV and to provide an illumination source, the artist mounted AL250 light by Fiilex on the drone.

While talking about his motivation behind this project, Wu stated, “My aim is to portray a unique perspective of the planet we live on by illuminating night landscapes with an aerial LED light. Scenes which show not only the beauty of the landscape but also the versatility and awesomeness of adapting new technology to create art.”

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noctis 4

noctis 3

noctis 8

noctis 1

noctis 5

noctis 2

noctis 6

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Images: © Reuben Wu

h/t: Colossal

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