Light up your world with this living chandelier loaded with algae

Algae is not something that is widely known for its beneficial purposes and is usually feared by people however design engineer and biotechnologist Julian Melchiorri is adamant to break the algae taboo with her innovative products. The most recent one is his “Living Chandelier”, Exhale which incorporates green algae in 70 glass leaves. The algae purifies air as it takes in carbon dioxide and gives off oxygen meanwhile the transparent liquid gives off a soft glow as the natural light filters through the liquid and the algae.

The creative product exhibits how natural sources can be made functional in an extremely eco-friendly way. The innovative chandelier serves its dual purpose while looking as classy as any other chandelier would have looked. Moreover, the product is modular hence you can easily arrange it in different ways once you get bored of the same style. Melchiorri justly won the Emerging Talent Award during the London Design Week for his green idea and following this, the designer is hopeful to turn the prototype into a large-scale commercial product soon. So, you can expect to go green with a fancy chandelier pretty soon!

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algae 7

algae 2

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algae 5

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Images: © Mike Chino / Inhabitat

Julian Melchiorri: Website | Instagram

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