Morus Zero tabletop vacuum dryer kills bacteria while drying your clothes

‘Laundry at the weekend’ comes off with a big NO! Laundromats are also the next daunting big deal to someone who is not much into this stuff. Washing clothes is not an only issue for the ones who are fed up of ruined weekend plans just because of laundry but also drying these bundles of wet clothes. The drying will no more be an issue if you treat yourself with Morus Zero Tabletop Portable Dryer.

This cloth drying gadget is as useful and handy as any other portable device at your home. While a juice factory makes it easy for you to make juice of any fruit within seconds, and the swiping automated floor-vacuum wipes of the dirt with its motor-sensory detectors of dust.

Morus Zero Clothes Dryer Vacuum Evaporation
Credit: Morus

Likewise, Morus Zero has a sensory-moisture detector, and it automates the working of the machine which dries the clothes up to 1.5kg or 3.3 lb by pumping the air out of the inner sealed chamber to dry up. Therefore, through creating a vacuum, the suction pump allows evaporation of the water at lower temperatures.

Is it not mystical the way water dries up and leaves your cloth crumpling like autumn leaves? Yes, and it is only possible through the Morris Zero which works comparatively at deficient energy and produces less heat than the other portable dryers. It is an automated machine which detects the time of cloth drying, which is approximately 15 minutes. It collects the evaporated water into a slide-out tray and alerts automatically when to empty the tray.

Morus Zero Clothes Dryer Vacuum Evaporation
Credit: Morus

The topmost feature of this dryer is killing bacteria, as you have experienced that even after washing, clothes contain some contagious bacterial elements on them. Hence, Morris Zero has solved this problem with a blink of an eye by introducing an ultraviolet light, which claims to kill 99.9 percent of bacteria from the clothes. The three motor-designs make it tumble clothes at a better pace in back-forth actions directing it both ways. The drying parameters are set through automated buttons. All these killing features come with just the price of $549. We believe it is worth all the exertion and effort which comes with the perks of washing clothes.

Source: Kickstarter (via: New Atlas)

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