Virgin recently unveiled first prototype of Hyperloop One’s futuristic passenger pod

Imagine if you could travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai in just twelve minutes (typically the journey takes 2 hours), not through a train or an aeroplane, but through a hyperloop passenger pod!

As part of UAE Innovation Month, Virgin’s Hyperloop One  in collaboration with Dubai’s Road Transport Authority (RTA) presented a full-scale model of the passenger pod for its futuristic transportation network at Dubai’s City Walk mall. According to them, each pod can accommodate five to fourteen passengers and once the hyperloop is completely functional, it will be able to transport ten thousand people per hour between the two cities.


As for the interior, the pod has white walls with perforated panels and visual lines that indicate movement and velocity. It even provides information and entertainment for the twelve-minute journey as there are high-definition screens embedded in the armrest. Designed by BMW, the beige leather seats are a feast for the eyes. Neon-esque lighting built in the floors, walls and ceiling give the pod a chic appearance.

virgin hyperloop one pod prototype design 3

Since the hyperloop passenger pod is still in its prototype phase, much work is to be done but if all goes well, you can expect a ride by the year 2020!

Images: Daan Roosegaarde via Dezeen

h/t: Dezeen

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