Photographer mom captures her kids’ childhood in adorable photographs

Photography is undoubtedly a very diverse medium of self-expression since some people use it to capture how they felt at a certain place while others rely on it to freeze some of the precious moments they experienced with their loved ones.  Elizabeth Sallee Bauer, a pastry chef turned photographer falls in the latter category.

Bauer started photography essentially to document the growth of her three kids as well as to capture the magical bond of siblinghood that they share with each other. The sentimental photographs are taken so timely that they also reveal the personality of the kids, which is otherwise often overlooked by parents while the children are busy in their playful activities.

These adorable photographs have further enhanced Bauer’s photography skills and it is not a bad deal for the kids either since the photography routine almost always ends up in interesting outdoor places hence more play time for them!


Leap for leaves


Just chillin'

First day for all three

Sometimes you just need a little help opening your eyes in the morning


Hide and seek, wild style

What summer is made of

It's a summer thing


Dynamic duo

Raising a girl

Always hoping for a snow day

Childhood innocence

First day for all three

Happy flier

At the dock

We found a beach!

Oh the little sister

The softest spot in the whole house

Contagious laugh

Full time work, guarding the garden

Princess in training

Hidden lake


Images: © Elizabeth Sallee Bauer

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