Paa Joe creates a humongous NIKE shoe to serve as a coffin

If you are a hardcore NIKE fan and you happen to be completely obsessed with shoes then Paa Joe’s wacky coffin creation might actually get you excited over the dreading idea of death. The artist has created a 2-meter long Nike shoe out of wood and dressed it with oil paint for exhibition, named “mixed pickles”, in ruttkowski;68 gallery.

The large shoe comprises of huge laces which has the artist’s name inscribed on it and it opens in half to unravel blue interior of the coffin. The artist obsessed with the bizarre link between NIKE shoe and the final resting place has named his project “Ghanaian NIKE coffin” and no matter how peculiar his idea may be, it would be a lie to say it does not grasp people’s attention. Check out this truly unique coffin yourself!

nike coffin 1

nike coffin 7

nike coffin 3

nike coffin 2

nike coffin 1

nike coffin 4

Images: Ruttkowski;68 via artsy

h/t: Designboom

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