This Vietnam house with a lot of green space is all that we wish for

Why go to a park when you can incorporate one in your own house building? That is the latest mantra of Vo Trong Nghia Architects who have integrated different kinds of palms, winding vines and fiddle leaf fig plants into the physical structure of a three-storied building in Ho Chi Minh City. The “Stepping Park House” flaunts plants as dividers in the rooms, corridors and staircases hence providing shade, ventilation and some beautiful aesthetics to the building.

The exterior of the building such as the fences, balconies, roof and driveway are also covered with bright green plants hence the house does not just provide its residents with greenery to cool off their eyes but also to the passersby and the neighbors all around. Apart from the aesthetics, this design definitely serves as an inspiration for all the architects in Vietnam with regard to adding green spaces in the landscape to curb the environmental challenges that the country is facing. Kudos to Vo Trong Nghia Architects for setting this wonderful example for everyone around!

park house 1

park house 7park house 9 park house 8 park house 4 park house 6 park house 3 park house 5

Image Credits: Vo Trong Nghia Architects/Hiroyuki Ok

h/t: Colossal

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