These designers have made plastic products out of lobster tails

Polyethene plastics are so last century but do you know what is going to replace those lethal pieces of plastic? Lobster tails! A start-up company, named as Shellworks, by four designers of Royal College of Art and Imperial College has found a way to transform lobster tails into bioplastics which can be further used to manufacture actual plastic products.

The designers combine vinegar with chitin, an element that is abundantly found in lobster shells and as a result, you get a mixture which has the same kind of flexibility and durability as polyethene. The self-customized machines Shelly, Sheety, Vaccy, Dippy and Drippy, churn out this bioplastic with varying characteristics such as thickness, stiffness, flexibility, translucency and durability. Shellworks has till now launched food containers, self-fertilizing planters and pill blister packs and we swear by all that is good in the world that they are just like polyethene except environment friendly!

shellworks 3

shellworks 1


Image Credits: © Shellworks

Shellworks: Website | Instagram

h/t: Colossal

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