This tiny apartment in Hong Kong doubles as a ceramic gallery!

Skyrocketing prices of real estate around the globe doesn’t necessarily mean that you compromise on your living standards or your artistic taste.  Sim-Plex is one such architectural firm in Hong Kong that designs innovative micro apartments in order to meet its growing demand. The latest innovation by the designers at Sim-Plex is a 324-square-foot apartment for a family of three. Since the client caters a lot of passion for sculptures, the designers made sure to integrate a gallery in the tiny apartment.

The micro apartment includes a cabinetry along the main wall which increases the storage capacity of the place and the illuminated nooks on it makes it functional to display ceramics. Moreover, a pop up dining table, bed, desk and a concealed shelf is set up in the most minimalist way in the main living area as well as in the bedroom. And guess what’s more in this tiny, little apartment? A piano!

micro home 1

micro home 2

micro home 3

micro home 4

micro home 5

micro home 6

micro home 7

micro home 8

micro home 9

micro home 10

micro home 11

micro home 12

micro home 13

micro home 14

Images: © Sim-Plex

h/t: Tree Hugger

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