This shape shifting home is a perfect blend of contemporary and traditional architecture

Modern homes come with spectacular surprises nowadays. This beauty in central Oregon lets you alter the inside and outside depending on the amount of privacy you require. It’s easier to understand the concept while keeping a “Swiss Army Knife” in mind. It has moveable panels that blur the boundaries between public and private space, so you can enjoy the desert view in the privacy of your own home!

Covering 3,320 square feet of Bend, Oregon a small city in the Cascade Mountains, the High Desert Modern house is a single story wonder that sits on top of a landscape carpeted with lush grass and accentuated with pine trees. This dream house belongs to Nancy and Joey who wanted to build a new home away from Seattle for years. In 2011, the couple purchased a property here and hired two top-of-the-class architects to design it.

This collaborative effort between studios DeForest Architects and NB Design Group resulted in a wooden paneled escapade, filled with natural hues and surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. The ash-y gray color outside provides with a very welcoming ambiance, while the inside draws inspiration from a century-old lilac tree trunk that hangs on the entrance.

While the house is open and airy, it does have clever design components that provides the privacy needed. Between the living room and master suite, five sliding panels disclose the bedroom and its components if the user wishes to slide them open. Furthermore, a set of panels in the entryway alter the view of an outsider who is looking at the house. They might see the home’s central courtyard at one instance or a blank wooden wall in another. There is also a hinged door in the living area that closes to turn the space into a guest room!

This joint effort between the owners and architects resulted in the perfect blend of contemporary and traditional, making it the perfect home for Nancy and Joey!

All Images: © John Granen.

h/t: Dezeen

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