‘Mylo’ is a fold-able electric scooter that you can carry along in a bus or train

Commuting to work seems like a difficult task especially when you don’t own a car. While the option of trains and buses exist, the hassle remains of actually getting to the designated pick-up stop. After a well-received response on portable transport options, such as roller skates or Solowheels and kickscooters, Pim Bicycles presents another suitable option in the list that is Mylo folding e-scooter.

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The electric scooter is a convenient option for those having to travel via public transit. Mylo can fold into a mere 12 x 20 x 41 in (38 x 51 x 104 cm) in less than a second while weighing on 46 lb (21 kg), making it easy to carry in a train or a bus. The folding mechanism is pretty simple as well. The rear wheels capture between the front wheels and the seat bends to rest in the middle of the horn handlebars. According to the company, the mechanism of unfolding is just as easy and quick as folding it, making your e-scooter ready for transportation in a jiffy!

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Unlike the EV4 semi-recumbent, Mylo does not require any pedal assistance. Instead, the user’s feet rest on the pegs below while the scooter does its job. It is important to fully charge Mylo’s 36 V batteries, before you begin your journey; otherwise, you’ll have to inconveniently roll it home. While a full charge provides 15 miles (24 km), there is a slot for a second battery as well, which doubles the distance the scooter can cover. Furthermore, its 250 W hub motor provides a top speed of 18 mph (29 km/h), which is one of the speeds of its three available drive modes.

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In addition, a tilting mechanism for the wheels provides stability and comfort during sharp turns. For extra protection, there is also front and rear lighting for when the rider is traveling back home from work. The lights provide visibility to the rider as well as for others on the road. In case of any sudden braking, the hydraulic disk braking system is there to help.

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For US$1,499, the Mylo seems expensive. However, with all the features it has, the price seems worth it. Not only that, people who pre-order it will receive significant discount! So what are you waiting for?

All Images: Pim Bicycles

h/t: New Atlas

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