This lamp-shaped bookmark is a perfect gift for all bookaholics!

Craze for bookmarks come inherently with the craze for books because what kind of a book lover appreciates dog-ears, right? To cater for the bookmark obsession amongst the bookaholics, Peleg Design have come up with a lamp-shaped bookmark, “The Lightmark”. The bookmark consists of a small industrial looking lamp, connected with a solid ray of light coming out of it. The lightmark fulfills the job of a bookmark as the base of the lamp settles on the top of the book, between the cover and the binder while the ray goes down to the text that the reader intends to continue from.

You can purchase this quirky take on bookmarks from SOHO design shop.


lightmark 5

lightmark 2

lightmark 1

lightmark 3

Images: © Peleg Design

h/t: Design Boom

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