This home features a reading nook right in the backyard

What kind of a bibliophile would not dig a separate reading retreat right in their backyard? You guessed it right, none! Board & Vellum, a Seattle based architecture firm, created this reading retreat for a couple who wished to spend some time alone with their books. The firm then designed an expansive reading nook which is enclosed beautifully with glass walls on each side. This enables the residents to not only enjoy the views of patio and fire pit but also lets abundant daylight to fill up the room. The cabin features jam-packed bookshelves and a daybed that allows the homeowners to stretch or take naps in the middle of their reading sessions. Moreover, the full bathroom designed inside the structure and the cantilevered bed makes the cabin completely functional even if the residents are planning to extend their reading time by hours and hours just to get to the end of a thrilling book. If that is not a reading paradise then we don’t know what is!

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All Images: © Andrew Giammarco Photography

Architects: Board & Vellum

h/t: Curbed

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