GE’s microwave will count calories of your food instantly!

Nobody cared if one was fit or unfit back in 2003, but everyone has suddenly become a fitness freak, no? For instance, did you ever care about how many calories your burger had, or how many steps you took in a day? You didn’t, neither did I but every conversation these days revolves around eating healthy and staying fit.

Our eating habits have changed for the better as we are much more careful about what is entering our body, however, we are constantly downloading one app or another to count the number of calories we consume in a day. Well, what if I told you there is a microwave that counts the calories for you?

According to the latest MIT Technology Review report, GE is in the initial stages of building the microwave that will be able to count calories simply by passing waves through the food and figuring out the water content, fat content, and weight. Moreover, it will also have the ability to calculate the amount of sugar, fiber and protein!

Calorie Counting Microwave

Image: GE

This is going to be amazing for people who are always downloading one app or another to list down their day’s meals and find out the respective total. However, there are some limitations. For now, the device only works on food that has been cooked together, and many would be apprehensive of placing their food in the microwave each time they wish to know how many calories it contains – especially after the heated debate over the safety of food irradiation.

But hey, you get to know the calorie count immediately without typing in your meal, what could be better than that? The concept may not be novel as we have seen previous inventions such as the plate that has the ability to scan food items and send the calorie data to your smartphone or the handheld scanner which serves the same purpose.

So, let’s hope this microwave hits the market soon because it might just make me put that extra slice of pizza away.

h/t: Daily Mail

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