This adorable “Nessie” ladle will become your favorite cooking implement

Making soup is no big deal but let’s be honest, pouring it out in the bowls gets really messy at times. However, with this adorable yet witty design of Nessie Ladle, you’d want to keep serving soup for the rest of your life!

Ototo designed this incredibly cute, Loch Ness monster shaped ladle exclusively for Animi Causa modern store but mind you, its cuteness is not all of its attributes. Just like regular ladles, the Nessie Ladle is also a long-handed spoon with a cup-shaped bowl but what differentiates it from regular ladles is its two pairs of stubby legs that allows it to stand upright without tipping over. So next time when you think about serving soup, you don’t have to worry about your nice and clean kitchen going all messy.

Despite being all handy and nifty, the Nessie Ladle might become a nuisance for you after all. How? Well, its adorable appearance and colorful finish might tempt your kids to use it as a toy dinosaur. So, next time if you don’t find Nessie Ladle in your kitchen, you know exactly where to find it.. 😉

This amusing ladle is available for just $15.99. Get yourself one to bring life to your kitchen!

nessie ladle 1

Nessie Laddle

nessie ladle 4 nessie ladle 2 nessie ladle 3

Images: © OTOTO Design

h/t: Cool Things

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