These boat rooms are the perfect aquatic holiday spot

Wish you could just vacation on the water but immediately find the idea aversive due to motion or sea sickness? These apparently floating boat rooms on the lake at the Fuchun New Century Wonderland Resort in Hangzhou, China will make up as the perfect vacation retreat for you!

boathouse 7

boathouse 1

boathouse 13

boathouse 11

The 540-square-foot prefabricated boat rooms are completely made out of wood and sport an arched design to hint at the boat’s bow of the past. The rooms are connected to the land via steel piles while the French doors in the boat lead you to the deck that overlooks the water, when open. The most interesting part of the boat room experience however is that it connects us back with the history of China where, “For several hundred years between the earlier Ming dynasty and the middle Qing, a water tribe, namely ‘nine fishing families,’ had resided at the riverside and created a unique culture of boat-living life.”

boathouse 6

boathouse 4

boathouse 3

boathouse 9

boathouse 8

All Images: © Aoguan Performance of Architecture via Arch Daily

h/t: Curbed

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