The World’s Most Powerful Passports Revealed (Infographic)

The most hectic part of travelling is the lengthy intricate and sometimes costly visa procedures that certain countries are practicing around the world. Having planned to meet a friend in a distant country and getting your visa application rejected is the worst of the things you could imagine.

What if you already own something that could give you visa-free access to any country you want but you just don’t know it yet. That’s right! Your passport can serve as an entry ticket to visit a number of countries you’d want. But that certainly depends upon which country you are living in.

Good Magazine  ranked the most powerful passports in the world, based on the travel freedom that each passport holder enjoys. And to your surprise, the most powerful passport of the world isn’t American. Britain beats the U.S to claim the top spot.

The stats revealed that UK passport holders have the best access to foreign countries in the world, along with Finland and Sweden. The passport holders from United Kingdom, Finland and Sweden enjoy the freedom of travel to as many as 173 countries either without a visa or with a visa on arrival.

The U.S along with Denmark, Germany and Luxembourg falls second, with passport holders being able to enter 172 countries. While Canadians can visit 170 and Australians 168 countries.

On the lower side, Afghanistan has been deemed the worst, having access to only 28 countries across the entire globe.

The infographic below will show you the countries having the most & least powerful passports of the world.

Powerful Passports Infographic

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