The latest LitterPod is a litter tray for your cats that can clean itself

Taking out your cat’s litter might be the one condition that comes with the unconditional love you have for them. With the latest LitterPod by Kuba and Leia, you no longer have to worry about your cat’s litter. The self-cleaning litter tray looks easy to use and incorporates an automatic cleaning system. It includes a stainless steel rake which can gather and clump all of the cat trash into a bag in a matter of 60 seconds. Since the waste compartment is sealed it reduces the chances of odors developing and makes it easy to empty.


Sensors can detect when the cat is nearby and alert the owner of a required cleaning cycle. The LitterPod allows the user to switch between manual and automatic settings so you can control the appliance. Since the LitterPod looks like an ordinary litter tray it creates familiarity for your pet to avoid any confusion. A durable plow is used to empty the tray at regular intervals making it extremely easy to remove the litter.

There are four sensors incorporated on to the LitterPod. These sensors are able to pick weights starting from 200 grams up to 25000 grams. So not only can the LitterPod cater to small kittens but can also be used for the bigger breeds. When the cat enters the pod, the sensors can calibrate the weight of the pet within a time span of three seconds and display it on the LED for five minutes.

Features of the litterpod

Regardless of the mode the LitterPod is set up in, a push of the middle plough button can run a cleaning cycle at any time.  A green light indicates that the Pod has been set to automatic mode while a blue light indicates the manual setting. In both the modes, the sensors are functioning at all times and the cleaning cycle stops if an approaching cat is identified.

The attached rake and plow ensure you don’t have to worry about emptying and cleaning the LitterPod. The plow will sweep the litter seven times to make sure all the litter is completely removed and placed in a waste bag to be thrown away. Conventional supermarket plastic bags have been attached to the LitterPod for easy removal and disposing.

LitterPod self cleaning

The LitterPod also ensures a refund policy where you can send back your device after a few years of ownership where it will be recycled, re-manufactured and returned to you in a good as new condition majorly reducing the plastic consumption.

LitterPod is available for an early bird price of $325 and currently being crowdfunded at Indiegogo. Shipping is expected by July, 2020.

Check out this cool video for more information about the LitterPod.

All images: LitterPod via Indiegogo

Source: Indiegogo

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