Dorm Walls Of A Parisian University Turned Into A Canvas For Graffiti Artists

Abandoned places do not really interest anyone except for people who use graffiti as their mode of expression. This year, the deserted interior of a student dormitory of Cité Internationale Universitaire in Paris was transformed into a canvas for 100 graffiti artists under the Rehab 2 festival. The artists took over the blank walls of the dormitory which would eventually be broken down due to the upcoming renovation project.

The informal exhibition was open to public for a month and the awesome graffiti were all captured and uploaded through Jonk Photography so that the art could be witnessed by people who cannot make it to Paris, for all times to come. Check out the artwork of these amazingly talented street artists in the images below!


Artist: Soklak


Artist: Raf


Artist: Poter

Olivier Poizat and Kesadi

Artists: Olivier Poizat and Kesadi

Mister Wire

Artist: Mister Wire

Lord Urb1

Artist: Lord Urb1

Lord Urb1 Moyoshi and Kesadi

Artist: Lord Urb1, Moyoshi and Kesadi

Joachim Romain and JM Robert

Artists: Joachim Romain and JM Rober

Jo Di Bona

Artist: Jo Di Bona

Jérôme Laurent

Artist: Jérôme Laurent

Ernesto Novo

Artist: Ernesto Novo

Dubol Art

Artist: Dubol Art

Doudou Style and Caligr

Artists: Doudou Style and Calig

Charlotte Coupures and SIFAT

Artists: Charlotte Coupures and SIFAT

Bust the Drip and Charlène Candératz

Artists: Bust the Drip and Charlène Candératz

Benjamin Nosbé

Artist: Benjamin-Nosbé

Images: Jonk Photography

h/t: My Modern Met

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