Terraplanter provides a magical environment for your plants to grow happy and healthy

There are numerous ways to look at the nature that surrounds us and get inspired. Biomimicry has been a key component of some of the major technological advances we see today. Similarly, ‘Terraplanter’ is a nature-inspired technology which gives the best possible solution for plants to survive the indoors. This planter is the right product if you ever worry about over-watering or under-watering your precious indoor plants.

The base of the planter works the magic by providing it the perfect growth environment!

The base is essentially made of a solid but simultaneously porous material which allows water to seep in through to the roots slowly. This gives the roots enough time to take up and absorb the water and leaves you stress-free about watering the plant. The porous structure gives the roots enough time and space to stay in contact with the surrounding air and the water. The wood-like base is made up of 100% natural and reusable material.

Terraplanter planter

Bringing the Terraplanter to life!

During the research and development stage, different materials were carefully studied and a connection between the base material and the plant itself was identified. This was the key reason the team decided to opt for a base that would keep the plant healthy and alive.

The idea behind the planter was simple. The goal was to create a simple, clean, low maintenance and hydroponic plant. In order to enable the hydroponics, the base material had to be kept porous. A ceramic material was created which included just the right amount of porosity and hygroscopic properties allowing water to diffuse in and grow on the material itself.

Terraplanter Self Planter

The design holds both aesthetic value and does the job perfectly well

The shape of the planter has been designed to suit the following needs:

  • It holds seeds to the surface as they sprout.
  • It holds water that the plant can take up.
  • It gives shape and texture to the roots so that they can grip the surface more easily.

A parametric design was used and multiple shapes and prototypes were experimented in order to pick the one that suited all the needs. Once the prototype was completely manufactured, the planter was tested to look for further improvements that could be made using design specific algorithms.

The base of the planter functions like a water holder and allows the roots to slowly and steadily soak up the required amount of water. The water is then taken up by the stems right up to the cells of the leaves, nourishing them all.

Terraplanter planter

Allow your kids to enjoy the process of watching their very own plant grow

The planter goes through a visible growing phase where the seeds sprout and the plant leaves extend towards the light with blooming flowers.

How to grow your very own plant via ‘Terraplanter’

  1. Rub the spores of the plant you want to grow onto the surface of the planter base.
  2. Wrap a climbing plant around the base.
  3. To ensure that the roots stay mounted onto the planter, secure them with rubber bands.
  4. Cover the porous base with the seeds of your choice.

Visible growing stage

The Terraplanter is accompanied with a guide that tells you about all the steps you can take for successful plant growth. It covers all three of the beginner, hobbyist and expert levels. You can choose from an unlimited selection of indoor plants that can be grown on the planter and decorate your home with a homely look.

Terraplanter planter

Terraplanter planter

The light and portable planter can be carried around and placed wherever you want

With only 1 kg of weight and 114 mm of base diameter, it can fit in the corner of your work table or even on your kitchen counter. The Terraplanter comprises of only three parts:

  • The lid, which keeps the water clean and prevents evaporation.
  • The base, which collects the excess water.
  • The body of the planter which holds the plant in place.

Weighs only 1 Kg

The planter design process involved a lot of re-working and re-designing

The team says that they had to slow down the pace of working in order to create a development process for the product. After which, they came up with solutions on how to enter the time scale of plants to be able to better observe what does and what does not suit the plant and helps it thrive.

“There is beauty that we came to see in every process of the plants’ life. At first, to us they looked stuck in time, immobile,” says the terraplanter team. “But photographing them this past year every couple of minutes revealed the magic of the natural process that plants go through. They’re constantly in motion; dancing.”

A carefully planned design

The ‘Terraplanter’ makes for a great gift item and comes with its perks

With an early bird discount, you can save up to $20 on the purchase of one of these planters. A pack of 10 planters will cost only $40 per unit saving you around $400 in the process.  The product was launched on May 5, 2020 on Kickstarter and shipment will commence by October 2020.

All Images: © Terraplanter via Kickstarter

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